Famous Demons

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    I’d feel like a little bitch if I didn’t reblog this

    I lost it at “bitch mittens”

    cant bitch out now

    "bitch sticker"

    Bitch sharks.

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    The Beatles + Van Gogh

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    I say this to my friends all the time, and they don’t get it.

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    Illustration template for Hugo Gernsback, 1963.


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    Like my days in the dog pound

    In the midst of summer rain, I can see with scenic view,

    I kiss you and it feels like a wish, its past long overdo

    Take a drive with me, and it sounds like a whisper

    Have a drink with me, and I hear a listener

    Open up, they can steal from your safe

    stay closed, and you’ll never sell your treasures

    I shake in the dark, but aligned I am free

    I can finally sense all five, when we go on that street lit drive

    Dream on your thoughts, sleep on your troubles

    It ends up in a blur of vapor colored bubbles

    And when you’re stressed out feeling your stomach sink, 

    just breath in all the color

    so it makes you safe like the nine months inside your mother.

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