She tried so hard to look away

    God damb pickles

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    Stop and wait a sec
    Oh when you look at me like that my darling, what did you expect?
    I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck
    Or I did last time I checked

    Still the most perfect song ever. Period.

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    Beach Boys - Surfer Moon


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    the door to wonderland


    Bring LSD Into Your Home

    #’s 1-6 Degrees

    It hurts to see things being flicked away like the ash of a cigarette.

    To live in a paradox in which we cannot let go.

    Loving the things that cannot love you forever.

    Withering, while it slithers, parallel to your spine.

    Holding on to the pilot light, cramped in your thumb.

    I tend to see light standing in a land of shade.

    Sandstone & Cascades


    Good day, sunshine

    Aww yeah


    Salvador Dali - Atavism at Twilight (partial)

    Hola senorita…

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